A sparring partner for the steel industry 

Damstahl is the only pan-European wholesaler of stainless steel, which operates in 8 countries and remains family-owned. 


We measure ourselves on the basis of your success 

Throughout the latest years, Damstahl has strengthened its position substantially. Today, we are a market-leading business with sales organisations in Germany, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland and France – besides Denmark. 


More than 300 employees have their day-to-day operations in Damstahl and in 2019 we sold approximately 80.000 tonnes of stainless steel. Yet, it is not the quantities of our sales we are proud of. Our pride lies in the value that we add to your business when we deliver the exact quality of goods, which you seek. Furthermore, it is delivered with the purpose of strengthening your bottom line.  


There are people behind the operations 

Damstahl is a family-owned business and that has had great significance to us throughout the years. We are not expected to deliver short-term returns to our shareholders and therefore we can conduct our operations with a long-term perspective. We can stick to our values even in periods of time when the market is under pressure.  


For our employees, that entails they are challenged to develop themselves and the business. And for you, that entails we take on the responsibility of strengthening your business in all processes – from innovation-based consultancy to a thoroughly considered delivery and invoicing.