A partner in the steel industry

Damstahl is currently the only pan-European wholesaler of stainless steel operating in eight countries – which is still a family-owned business.

We measure ourselves on your success

In recent years, Damstahl has strengthened its position significantly. We are currently a market leader with sales offices in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Finland and Belgium.

Damstahl employs more than 300 full-time employees, and in 2018 we sold 67,400 tons of stainless steel and 3,000 tons carbon steels every year. But volume is not what we are proud of. Our pride lies in the value we add to your business when you get the quality you want - delivered in a way that can be felt on your bottom line.

People are driving it

Damstahl is a family-owned business, and that has meant a great deal to us over the years. We do not have to think in terms of dividends for shareholders in the short term, but are able to think in the long term. We are able to retain our values - even during periods when markets are under pressure.

For our employees, this means that they are challenged to develop both themselves and the business. For you, it means that we all take responsibility for boosting your business in all its processes - from innovative consultancy to carefully prepared delivery and correct invoicing.


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