It all started with a good idea

At Damstahl we celebrate good ideas - and this is no coincidence. We are founded on an idea which first saw the light of day in Germany in 1947.

Knowledge and a good idea meant business

The difference between cast stainless steel and forged stainless steel was what started to generate business in earnest for the German Senator Henry J. Ehrenberg. His company Neue Molkereitechnik GmbH was a supplier to the dairy industry for which he developed a new type of bend of forged stainless steel. This invention improved hygiene standards considerably in dairy milk production, and this quickly created a stir.

Several industries became interested

Breweries in Germany, for example, were quick to see the opportunities in the new products which in time developed into a complete range of accessories, valves and pumps. But the breweries did not want to do business with a supplier with milk on his hands. Ehrenberg therefore changed the company's name to NEUMO. More companies were incorporated in the following years and together formed the NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group.

The Group's customer base grew to include a wide range of other industries. In 1960, consumption of stainless steel was so great that Ehrenberg chose to set up his own trading company.




Damstahl is part of the NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group which works in a wide range of industries. 

The NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group in figures

The NEUMO-Ehrenberg Group currently employs approx. 2200 people. In 2017, the Group's turnover was EUR 520 million.


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