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Due to its many good characteristics, stainless steel is being used by many businesses. However, too many people do not achieve the right solution with stainless steel at their first try.

The wrong choice of material or disadvantageous operating conditions may lead to downtime, delays, repairs and other unforeseen expenses, which may ultimately have an impact on the bottom line. Therefore, knowledge is important to make the right choice, and knowledge is exactly what Damstahl’s Technical Consulting is all about.

The right choice at your first try

With Damstahl’s Technical Consulting, you obtain an insight in the strengths and weaknesses connected to the various grades of stainless steel, the reason for the corrosion problems, the best choice of material for a specific solution, the different types of surface treatment, as well as hygienic design. Damstahl’s Technical Consulting offers you a better possibility for making the right choice, strengthening the position of your company and thereby increasing your competitive edge.



Damstahl's Technical Consulting includes the knowledge and experience needed to assist you in developing stainless steel solutions.


Development by request!

Innovative thinking and product development is a natural part of Damstahl’s Technical Consulting. An example is our SUPER DAIRY® tubes, which were developed at the request of a producer in the dairy industry. The dairy industry is known for having very strict requirements for the surface of the inner tube, the delivery condition and the corrosion resistance in order to minimize the risk for the growth of microorganisms. A series of meetings concentrating on consultation and knowledge sharing lead to an optimum solution to the full satisfaction of the customer.

A broad extract of our previous tasks

  • Choice of material / life time estimate
  • Design and operating conditions
  • Detective work – why did corrosion take place?
  • Assessment of the risk of corrosion
  • Choice of surface condition
  • Choice of chemical or mechanical post-treatment
  • Product development etc.



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