Stainless Steel for Hygenic Equipment in Food/Pharma


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Damstahl's new book, "Stainless Steel for Hygienic Equipment in Food/Pharma " was written in a productive partnership by Claus Qvist Jessen and Erik-Ole Jensen.


In an easy to understand language the book describes possible mistakes within hygienic design and how to avoid them. If this book acquires a receipt similar to Damstahl's first book, "Stainless Steel and Corrosion", it will also be a kind of "bible" for our industry.

This is of great importance, as especially Danish hygienic design includes a series of qualifications being demanded worldwide.

– Knowing very well that also other steel merchants publish books, we are still very proud of our contribution. When evaluating the amount of quite excellent equipment being scrapped within the food/pharma industry, it almost equals the costs for building The Great Belt Bridge.

That's why we also aim at bringing our new book into use within education and building up of qualifications within these industries.







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