Stainless knowledge

An invitation to innovation


Stainless steel is used in numerous companies because it has several great attributes. Though in the first instance, far too many companies experience that they do not reach their optimal solution with stainless steel.


Incorrect choice of materials or unfortunate operating conditions can result in reparations, breakdowns, delays, and unanticipated expenses that ultimately can be of significance for the bottom line. Therefore, knowledge is an important factor in making the right choice – and knowledge is exactly what Blue IQ is all about.


Blue IQ is Damstahl’s department designated to knowledge about stainless steel. We have many years of experience in the advising of stainless steel. That is the reason why we are the natural choice when it comes to knowledge and development of innovative solutions.


With Blue IQ and Damstahl a/s you have allied yourself with the highest tier of experts in the industry who desires to contribute to the success of your company.