Advising and development

An invitation to innovation


Stainless steel is used in numerous companies because it has several great attributes. Though in the first instance, far too many companies experience that they do not reach their optimal solution with stainless steel.


Incorrect choice of materials or unfortunate operating conditions can result in reparations, breakdowns, delays, and unanticipated expenses that ultimately can be of significance for the bottom line. Therefore, knowledge is an important factor in making the right choice – and knowledge is exactly what Blue IQ is all about.


The right choice the first time

With Blue IQ you get an insight into, for instance, the strengths and weaknesses of the different types of stainless steel, the cause of corrosion damages, the difference between the different surface treatments, and the best choice of materials for a specific solution. Blue IQ gives you enhanced opportunities for making the right choice, strengthening the position of your company, and thereby increasing the competitiveness of your company.


Blue IQ has the knowledge and experience, which makes us the highest tier of experts in the industry when it comes to stainless steel.


Development on request!

Product development is a natural result of Blue IQ. An example is the SUPER DAIRY® pipes, which were developed on request by a manufacturer in the dairy industry. In this industry, there were strict requirements regarding the surface of the inward pipes, the delivery condition, and the corrosion constancy to minimise the risk of microbial growth. A number of advising meetings where knowledge sharing was central lead to an optimal solution, which the customer was extremely satisfied with.