Precipitation Hardening (PH) stainless steel

Precipitation Hardening (PH) stainless steel is a two-phased martensitic-austenitic high-strength steel. It typically contains 15-17% Cr, 4-8% Ni, a low amount of Mo and up to 5% copper (Cu). It hardens at increased temperatures through the separation of alien phases which generally makes PH-alloys strong, but less corrosion resistant. The most regular types of PH stainless steel are “15-5 PH” and “17-4 PH”, which at times are used for the production of stainless chain links and golf clubs. Besides these examples, precipitation hardening steel is a rarely used group of stainless steel.


The above examples are illustrations of brilliant use of the relatively rare stainless 17-4 PH-alloy (15-5 PH, EN 1.4542). Both the impact surface and the “body” of the given golf club is produced by the use of precipitation hardening stainless steel.